João Paulo da Silveira Ribeiro participates in the Special Commission with the purpose to give an opinion to the Bill that discusses the new legal framework for the PPPs and Concessions Laws promoted by the House of Representatives

5 . September . 2019

Partner João Paulo da Silveira Ribeiro, in the figure of Chairman of the Commission for Works, Concessions and Control of Public Administration of the Federal Council of the OAB, has participated, on 08.21.2019, jointly with other experts on the subject, in the public hearing meeting of the Special Commission of the Federal Senate with the purpose to give an opinion on Bill no. 3.453/2008. The respective Bill and its annexes intend to amend the current wording of the Public-Private Bidding and Partnership Laws and, currently, public hearings are being held to discuss the subject.

On the occasion, João Paulo exposed the main obstacles that current legislation imposes on the development of public concessions, public-private partnerships and infrastructure investment funds. Also, suggestions for improvement were proposed, such as: (i) sharing of risks in contracts signed between individuals and the Public Administration, (ii) an exhaustive list of situations considered serious in which the Granting Authority may declare caducity, (iii) establish maximum terms to assess the claim for economic and financial rebalancing, among others.

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Watch the video of the public hearing: